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"Revitalize with Fresh Vigor,
Embrace Endless Innovation & Progress"

Renaissance Bio, Inc. is located in Seoul, South Korea. The term 'Renaissance' signifies 'rebirth'. Staying true to its name, Renaissance Bio infuses new vitality into high-quality products by introducing them to a market that hasn't been fully explored yet. Collaborating through a global network, we widely introduce cutting-edge medical products tailored to the demands of the new market, bringing joy to consumers.


Business Development

With extensive expertise in the pharmaceutical area, our business development team aims to expand our clients’ network. Each new partnership means new opportunities. Our work creates value not only for our company and partners, but for every country to which are able to bring our business.

Licence In & Out

Based on expected clinical performance and a comprehensive cross-examination of the competitive landscape, we offer a novel approach to due diligence along with our longstanding expertise in the pharmaceutical area. To accomplish this, we provide a practical solution for In & Out licensing deals for our clients.


Focused on innovative technologies, our investment team contributes to investments in projects for conducting clinical trials. With this, we can hold the rights for new projects in certain territories and collaborate with partners to create global business opportunities. We promote a healthy pharmaceutical market structure and environment for the development and production of innovative products.


Our pharmaceuticals consulting teams have in-depth experience helping clients reduce complexity and implementing strategy-led approaches across every facet of operations. We can help you grow step by step and ensure you realize maximum value from each and every transaction.

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